Lothie's Creative Site

My name is Mary Ursula Herrmann, and I answer to Mimi, Lothie (pronounced "LAW-thee") and Lisia (LEE-sha). I'm a Network Security Analyst living in the Washington DC area with my husband, our sons, and three cats.

My passions are many and diverse, and include music, writing, reading, drawing, knitting, making jewelry, cooking, and video and role playing games (RPG's). I am a soprano with the Washington Metropolitan Gamer Symphony Orchestra, as well as a board member. I also sell Avon, because I love to paint my face and nails and dress up, and I can feed my vice at a discount.

I began Kitty Dreams in the late '90's, and it was originally meant to be a creative site for my and my then-husband's music. I have always been the sole owner of the name and web domain, and I remain sole owner and chief creative person today.

As time goes on I will be showcasing my music, writing, podcasting, and art on this site. Please take a look at the links to the left for a sampling.